Tendril Care is an instant, on-demand, and data-centric digital platform empowering senior and disabled citizens to live independently at home. Our solution provides an efficient ecosystem that is easy-to-use, instant, efficient, and transparent with quality control.

We aim to help senior and disabled citizens to live happily and healthily at their own homes and be the vital supporter of their comfort and dignity.

Tendril Care Services

Personal Care

Daily assistance with personal hygiene.

In-home Care

Daily routines of cleaning and cooking.


Professional clinical help at home.


GPs, Psychologist, Psychiatrist, Nutritionist

Learning useful skills

Helping with learning needed and useful skills.

Emergency Services

Tendril detects your emergency situation and notify nearest emergency services to take action.


Help you travel to your destination.


Coffee, movie, walk, short trip.

Social Support

To Keep you a happy and active member of the community.

featured highlights

Tendril Care Solution

Social Workers

Can be booked on-demand

Find customer via smart matching engine

Automatic payment

Work flexibility and calendar management

Senior Citizen

On-demand care and companionship services

Personalised aged care

Emergency services

Easy-to-use functional access to hi-tech


Transparent service

Real time aged care statistics

Efficient spending

Smart strategic planning

Family members

Transparent service

Full service control and quality monitoring

Service Providers

A marketplace to hire quality staff

A systems to manage staff and service


Provide high quality support instantly

Maximise senior citizen's independence at home

Enhance senior citizen's wellbeing and quality of life

Personalise service and facilitate client choice


A centre of excellence in aged care

Practice only the highest standarts in care

Emphasise compassion, transparency and accountability

Being instant and affordable care to senior citizens



Transparency and accountability

Ethics and integrity


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Investment Rationale

Unmet need in clinical care, compassionate care and measurable care for the aged is large and growing acoss Australia.

The first simple to use software application and appropriate back-end database has been developed to meet the needs of all stakeholders: the aged, their families, healthcare providers including doctors and nurses, Government and private companies.

Data is collected for real time analysis by all stakeholders of efficiency and value to the elderly individual.

We seek seed financing to implement pilot testing of the Minimal Viable Product and improve our product relevance with input.


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